How much concrete do you need?

Concrete Pumping and Screeding

Concrete is very labour intensive to place correctly and efficiently, particularly if site access is tight. Our sister company, Cempump Ltd work with us hand in hand to ensure fast, safe and reliable placement of your concrete.

We take care of booking both the concrete and pump in one order to help you avoid lining up different companies and risk being let down or potentially being charged waiting time fees.

They can pump around 500m on one of their many line pumps and have a 22m boom pump in their fleet for high access and large volumes. Please visit and take a look!

They offer a range of services including:


Cempump Ltd specialise in placing concrete and flowing screed in hard to reach or awkward places where a concrete mixer cannot get direct access.


We offer a complete flowing floor screeding service, screeding floors from 10m2 - 2000m2 using various suitable floor screeds. We can also prep the screeding area including laying the underfloor heating.


Cempump are Underfloor Heating installers of both residential and commercial properties, we only provide the best quality triple core pipework and pre-manufactured manifold systems with all the necessary pumps.