How much concrete do you need?

Our Ready Mix Concrete Mixes

Concrete is needed for a range of different purposes, foundations, flooring & walls, just to name a few. However, not every concrete mix is the same.

Concrete is made up of cement, water, as well as a mixture of sand & stone, but each of our unique mixes contains a number of different materials that offer different qualities.

The different grades of concrete identify their varying strengths. The nature of the project & the load the concrete will need to take, will ultimately identify the grade of concrete you need. The typical grades range from C10 to C40 grade concrete. 

We understand that deciding what grade of concrete to use can be difficult. We created this page as a general guide to some of the most popular concrete mixes. We offer a large variety of concrete mixes, tailored exactly to our client's specifications, whether that be domestic or commercial. We do a lot more specialised and specific mixes so please get in touch with any queries!

The experts at Empire Ready Mix's disposal, have a wealth of experience with concrete projects of all shapes & sizes across commercial & domestic settings. We can ensure you choose the right mix based on your individual project & its needs. Just contact the team with any questions you may have & we will help get your project underway!

Empire EasyFlo

A free-flowing, self-compacting concrete which is quick and easy to lay, gives a hard-smooth surface finish-floor suitable for receiving all types of floor coverings. Empire EasyFlo can be used with underfloor heating systems in both domestic and commercial settings.

Volumetric Concrete

Mixed onsite concrete to your preference, with a choice of mix designs as above, this concrete is charged for what you use, no need for any wastage and you can also have extra if required, the mix can be altered throughout the pouring process and charged accordingly.


C10 is a versatile mix & has a low cement content, it is the lowest strength of concrete mixes that Empire Ready Mix offers. It is suitable for domestic & commercial & agricultural projects where strength is not the most important factor.

Used For:
Patio slabs, pathways and non-structural work


C15 is a popular choice in domestic construction environments. It is ideal for small walls & paving steps. a as well as the go-to option for house floors, conservatories & sheds, for many construction professionals.

Used For:
Pavement kerbs and floor blinding


C20 concrete is most popular for indoor flooring projects (As long as the structure of the building isn't too heavy). Often used in larger domestic & residential projects

Used For:
Domestic floors and foundations (where the weight of the structure will be lighter). Also good for workshop bases, garages, driveways (but not for heavy vehicles), and internal floor slabs.


C25 is a safe mix to use for foundation work & is strong enough for large, heavy-weight structures. It is used in a range of general construction projects & its high level of strength ensures your structure will have suitable support. However, probably more suited to domestic uses rather than commercial projects.

Used For:
Construction in all areas. Multi-purpose concrete mix, usually used for foundations.


C30 concrete is a particularly strong concrete mix and suitable for a range of hard-wearing situations or projects on a larger scale. Commonly found on roads & paths, this concrete caters for heavy traffic & footfall. It tends to be found in commercial projects, rather than in a domestic setting, due to its ruggedness, resilience & ability to cope with harsh weather effectively.

Used For:
Pathways and roadways (this is the lowest grade concrete mix that can be used for this purpose). More durable than the grades that have come before, and thus is much more weather-resistant and can take heavy road traffic.


C35 concrete is a durable mix used mainly in commercial settings. Its strength lends itself to structural work for buildings. This grade of concrete can withstand a lot of preassure & is extremely durable against wear & tear, making it a great choice for exterior walls.

Taller buildings tend to need stronger, deeper foudations. With more extensive pilings to support their weight. C35 can be a great choice for this.

Used For:
Commercial structures. This heavy concrete mix is usually used for creating external walls and slabs, as well as for structural piling.


C40 is a very strong concrete mix, This concrete is mainly found in large-scale construction projects, for foundations where there will be plenty of traffic. It can also be used for structural support beams in construction.

A strong grade concrete is essential for the foundations of commercial buildings, particularly for those with multiple storeys, that will need to cater to a large volume of traffic. 

Used For:
Commercial construction sites, creating foundations and beams for structural support and roads. The most durable in this list, C40 can withstand chemical corrosion also, so is frequently used on farms where slurry could corrode structures, or in septic tanks.