How much concrete do you need?

Reasons to choose Ready Mix Concrete Over Site Mixed Concrete

Concrete is one of the most common and also most critically important elements in virtually all construction projects, Concrete is an incredibly versatile product and can be used for a huge variety of uses...normally when high strength and bulk filling is required.

So why have a Readymix delivery and not mix onsite? One of the key benefits of having ready mix concrete delivered direct to your site, is that the quality and consistency of the product will normally be far superior to hand-mixed product on-site.

We have a huge variety of mix designs available for all your building tasks, and we can happily advise the correct strength and mix design for your purpose, we regularly carry out strength tests on our mix designs to ensure we are providing correct strength products. We can also do much larger volumes a lot quicker than mixing by hand, in most cases due to the quantity of raw materials we are buying in, our end product will normally be a similar cost to hand mixing your own on-site but with a lot less labour and hassle.

What is Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete is the most popular choice for construction projects of all shapes & sizes.

Water and cement are mixed together to create a paste, then used to bind together aggregates (including rocks and sand). The proportions of concrete are carefully measured to create a durable and sturdy product that still has the right amount of workability. The mix is created at the plant, then mixed whilst be transported to the site.

Ready-mixed concrete is becoming increasingly popular among those in the construction industry as it’s considered a superior product to site mixed concrete. The majority of contractors are avoiding site mixed concrete because it requires a skilled professional, high-end mixing equipment & a significant amount of time to ensure you get the product you want. Not only does it save you time on-site, but also the hassle of gathering all the raw materials for site mixed concrete.

Save Money With Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix concrete can also be less expensive than site hand-mixed concrete due to the cost savings from pre-mixing the materials at a central location before being delivered to sites. Ready Mix concrete requires less manpower on the construction site. Our machines help do all the hard work with only one or two people needed onsite to lay/place the material and no mixing. All this, in turn, makes the whole process cheaper, quicker & more efficient overall.

A Higher Quality Product

When mixed on-site there can be lots of variable factors that affect the product's end quality such as weather, lack of attention by labour when mixing, contaminants in the raw materials, too much water added, which in turn changes volume/weight ratios when mixing the product. As a result, these potential issues may cause the concrete to not meet the specifications outlined in the engineering details, this may cause the finished project to be of low quality when not done correctly or worse case be rejected by building control.

Most ready mixed concrete is delivered in a ready mix concrete truck, which has the benefits of being able to easily move bulk amounts of concrete at once. These trucks come with a precise balance & weigh system, which helps to ensures measurements are as accurate as possible. With site mixed concrete unique ratios need to be created for each project and this may cause the finished product to be of low quality when not done correctly.

As mentioned, ready mixed concrete is manufactured with a precise ratio of cement, sand, and gravel. The consistency across all job sites is due to the homogeneity of production that takes place at a central location before being brought out to sites. Site mixed concrete is more likely to be inconsistent in its makeup because each project requires some alteration in the mixture itself.

Reduce Wastage

When using Ready-mix concrete, you normally have to pre-order a volume for us to batch, this can be done in several ways. On large quantities over 16m3 where it is very hard to accurately work out a fixed volume due to awkward shapes or uneven foundations we would recommend you order concrete to the nearest cubic meter in 6m3 and 8m3 increments with a 'Plus load', this means you would receive 16m3 on concrete and you can then work out the balance required for us send a 'makeup load'.

Working out the amount of concrete mix that you need is easy – simply use our online concrete calculator to find out the amount of concrete you will require for your specific project.

Alternatively, if you have a relatively small project with less than 9 cubic meters of concrete required, we can send out our 'Mobile batching plant' to mix the concrete onsite, with this machine you will only pay for the material you need, if you need a little less than anticipated then we will mix less, or if you need a little more than anticipated problem we can just mix you a bit more, you only pay us for what you use.

Customise your Concrete Mix

The ability to customise your concrete mix depending on the application can save time for you and your team. Professionals do the mixing, so you have nothing to worry about. You can specify certain concretes, or even ask the advice of our experts to take into account their recommendations.

The time it takes for site mixed concrete to dry and reach its strength potential is much longer than that of ready mixed concrete, which also makes ready mix concrete a go-to choice for time-sensitive projects. 

If you have a very specific mix design or an unusual project requirement, do not hesitate to call us, our friendly helpful team can help you find the correct mix for you, or we can even adapt mixes for your specific tasks.

How do I prepare for working with ready mix concrete? 

Following the order of your Ready Miix concrete, you will need to make sure you are prepared for its arrival, you will need to make it as easy as possible for the Lorry to get access to the site. When you're working with ready mix concrete, make sure you have the right tools and safety equipment.

Did you know concrete can burn?  Look After Your Face & Eyes! We recommend you always wear goggles or safety glasses when handling wet concrete, if wet concrete gets on your skin or in your eyes wash immediately with water. Look after your feet!

We recommend you always wear safety welling boots when working with wet concrete, if the wet concrete gets in your boots STOP, take off your boots, and ensure the concrete is removed and your feet are not in contact with wet concrete.  If your clothing is affected by fresh wet concrete they need to be taken off and washed. Skin also needs to be washed thoroughly - if any irritation or pain persists then medical attention should be sought.

Concrete is also very heavy, weighing approximately 2.2 tons per cubic meter, please ensure you have methods of moving or placing the concrete that does not involve over-exerting physically, this can cause physical strains and possible injuries.

If you need any advice on placing and laying concrete our team can advise.

What is Self Compacting Concrete?

Self-compacting concrete is a specialist Ready mix concrete that can be laid to a very hard, strong, and smooth finish without the need for compacting equipment or trowelling. With the help of our sister company 'Cempump' (a certified specialised concrete pumping and laying company) we have developed our own special mix design for a variety of flooring uses, we call this product 'EasyFlo'. this concrete can be laid at a minimum of 75mm depending on the purpose and floor build-up.

It leaves a very hard smooth finish and reduces labour costs of laying, power floating, and extended days by waiting for timing of finish.

Due to the very wet nature of this mix design, a concrete pump will normally be needed to place this material, trust us when we say you will not be disappointed with the finish.

Why use a Volumetric Concrete Lorry?

Our volumetric truck, which is also known as a mix onsite lorry or Mobile batching plant has the ability to mix raw materials on your site to most standard mix designs from semi-dry screed through to RC40. You can use one mix design throughout the pour, or you can use various mix designs in the same visit if required for various tasks.

This lorry mixes as much material as you like from 0.25m3 up to 9m3 in one visit, although this method of supplying you with concrete is a little more expensive.

With this machine you will only pay for the material you need, if you need a little less than anticipated then we will mix less, or if you need a little more than anticipated ... no problem we can just mix you a bit more, you only pay us for what you use.  

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